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06-21-2012, 13:23
My interest in Glocks started when I was a young buck in the Marines, I purchased a Model 19 from the Camp Pendleton gun shop in Feb '92 (serial # YW 7XX), It served me well from '92-'10 (had to draw-down on a Perp one time, he's lucky to be alive as I didn't fire, he cowered and ran away), must have fired 2,000 rounds through it in that time with maybe 2 or 3 stovepipes, no FTFs (superb weapon).

Two years ago I traded it in on a new Glock 19 (serial # PLB 8XX, blue label, Night Sights, test fired 25 June 2010) I love this one as well, I upgraded it with a LWD threaded barrel and have a Osprey Can in the works. I carry it concealed where ever I go (had always carried the previous G-19) and I know that if I have to draw-down again, it will not let me down.

I transferred to the Air Force Reserves after the Marines in '92 and retired in 2010 at McChord AFB, during that time I was a C-141 Comm/Nav Tech (3.5 years) then trained to be a C-141 Loadmaster, retrained to the C-17 6 years and 2,000 flight hours later, flew a lot of combat missions in Bosnia then Operation Enduring Freedom (logged 350 combat sorties in all those years, I even logged a combat sortie in CONUS (very few have ever done that) on 911 flew Bush's Limos/Secret Service Agents back to D.C. from Sarasota, FL that day).

My friend and I are interested in Coyote hunting, if anyone in the Spokane area is also interested and would like to have an excursion please let me know.

Well, that's Me in a Nutshell, it's Great to be a member here with like-minded individuals.

Thanks for your time and don't hesitate to drop me a line (PM), Take Care All!!


06-26-2012, 20:35
Welcome to the Forum Steve. Always good to have another Zoomie on board!

06-27-2012, 12:30