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06-24-2012, 19:58

How many credible reports have you reviewed where the glock or similar type trigger snagged while holstering and discharged the weapon?

Specifically, have there been any in your classes?

From your observations do you have any recommendations in this area beyond the general recommendations of go slow, maintain your equipment, and be careful.

Thanks, Jack

Mas Ayoob
06-25-2012, 06:35
The only one we've had in all these years, it was apparently the shooter's finger that snagged the trigger. This seems to be the most common factor in these incidents.

However, there have also been documented cases of a too-narrow safety strap getting into the trigger guard, and the cord from a warm-up jacket. Same could happen with cuff-cord on BDU pants when inserting the gun into an ankle holster. Any such items should be removed from the garments.

With a hammer-fired gun, thumb on hammer while holstering gives you one more safety net against this sort of mishap.

Other than that, holster slowly and carefully...finger straight on frame...and if necessary clear clothing etc. away from the "holstering path."


06-25-2012, 13:26

Thanks for reply. I keep my trigger finger in ejection port when holstering.

I generally carry my glocks in Kramer #3 IWB holster, which I consider a very well made holster. However, it has a fairly small "sweat guard" and sometime my undershirt get over the guard and I feel resistance as I insert glock from a bit of undershirt inside the holster. Naturally I withdraw glock and tuck in undershirt properly. Also I tend to carry far back so not really practical to view opening of holster for potential undershirt.

This happens most often when I am practicing drawing and firing at range and undershirt pull out. To my knowledge I have never hooked the trigger in a bit of undershirt. And yes, I replace my undershirts frequently to avoid holes, which could at least in theory hook trigger.

As much as I like the Kramer #3 IWB I wonder if a hybrid holster like Crossbreed or Theis might be better. With their bigger/wider backs it would seem more difficult for a bit of undershirt to make its way into the holster. Any opinions in this regard?

As always thanks for your informative response. Jack

Mas Ayoob
06-25-2012, 18:58
Clothing fouling the holstered gun usually occurs after strenuous activity, repetitive draw/re-holster practice, or carelessly pulling one's pants up in the bathroom. This is one reason we emphasize in training that the command to "holster" -- whether that command is generated internally, or by a range officer -- should be interpreted as "holster, sweep, and tuck."

The "sweep and tuck" is accomplished, with a strong-side holster, by using the dominant hand to stabilize the holstered weapon, and the support hand in a shuto or "karate chop" position, to tuck the shirt properly in behind the holster.

A wide holster backing may or may not help, depending on design and wearer. Some backings are soft leather, some are rigid Kydex, and some are in between. Skinny folks don't (usually) have the problem I'm about to describe, but heavier folks may have some flesh pushing the holster backing outward, which can lead to the gun being inserted into the holster with the muzzle pointed toward the wearer...A Bad Thing.

Hoping this is of help,