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JC Refuge
06-26-2012, 09:16
Use the Free Lifetime Buyers Club Membership ( coupon code below.
Use the $20 coupon code below on anything in the store (

Make your free buyers club membership purchase here:
Shop all Safecastle preparedness products and use your $20 coupon:

06-26-2012, 15:29
Great stuff, thank you for sharing!


JC Refuge
06-30-2012, 07:54
Free memberships like this, not to mention the $20 coupons, are very rare at Safecastle. Take advantage.

JC Refuge
07-01-2012, 17:41
25%-off Mountain House Cans Sale starts 7/4 (till 7/18)

44%-off Lindon Farms fruits & veggies is live now & ends 7/6

Free shipping

JC Refuge
07-03-2012, 11:14
Get your membership in place before the 25%-off Mountain House cans sale that kicks off tonight so you qualify for your Royalty Rewards gift certificates ...