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View Full Version : I think I have a Mauser 8 MM Mod 98 but I am not sure any help?

06-28-2012, 18:05
I was given a bunch of guns the other day, I was told one of them was a 8 MM, Now all I see on this rifle is MOD 98 stamped on it and A Eagle along with a Serial Num. There were two patches added to the stock on each side, unsure for what. The gun besides that is in real nice shape.

Any help on figuring out what it is? I can't post pic's at the moment.

06-28-2012, 19:38
Sounds like a K98K to me....but I would need to see pics to be sure.


06-28-2012, 19:58
How Can I date it? I am having camera issues as soon as I can I can post pic's.

06-28-2012, 19:59
Ditto... sounds like a K98k. Usually have the last two digits of the year of production (sometimes all four) and manufacturer code... like "41" & "byf" for 1941 and the Mauser factory at Oberndorf. Early production had milled parts & walnut stocks. Later production had stamped sheet metal parts (bands, magazine floor plate, butt plate) and laminate stocks.


06-28-2012, 20:07
The sling would explain the patches in the stock, The stock on mine does look a little different, the actions look the same, My barrel is all exposed no wood covering it. I am pretty sure this is what it is. Now there isn't a drop plate or a Mag, You have to cycle it to eject all of the rounds? How many does it hold? I have a Metal plate were Mag would go but I don't think it opens.

I just got the Gun, haven't messed with it much, plan to clean it up this weekend.

06-28-2012, 21:28
The K98k has an internal magazine that holds 5 rounds of 8MM Mauser ammo. It is not detachable like an M16 or AK-47. It can be loaded from the top with single rounds or with a 5rd stripper clip. The floor plate can be removed. There's a hole in the rear of the floor plate, take a blunt object and push down on the detent, then slide the floor plate off. But, normally you would move the safety to the straight up position (safe) and cycle the action to empty the magazine.

If the rifle was imported in the past 50 yrs, there may be an import mark on the barrel or receiver. Something like "C.A.I. ST Albans, VT" "8MM GERMANY" stamped into the metal. Hundreds of thousands of Mausers have been sporterized into hunting rifles. They often have the original stocks cut down and the handguard removed. Here's a nicer example of a sportized Mauser with new stock, hand engraved and drilled & tapped for a Redfield sight. Someone spent a lot of time & money on this one... but actually made it worth less than an unmolested K98k.


06-29-2012, 04:00
The gun in the above pic looks somewhat like mine does, yes the floor plate does have a floor that looks like it has a detent.

It is hard to see under the scope, but I believe there are markings under the front, what markings should be there?
Yes the scope is mounted on rings on the receiver. I don't believe there are any other sights on the gun. Id have to take a better look at it, Since this is one of the six that I have gotten that two days ago I have been cleaning them up one by one and have touched this one to much. It is in nice shape, the patches in the stock I don't care for, and the gun itself isn't the most comfortable to shoulder the buttstock just feels short to me.

06-29-2012, 19:30
Yes it does look like that one, I can see something stamped on top but I can't read it it is blocked by the scope mount.
The markings I can see are on left side receiver front Eagle carrying Nazi symbol then 5 dig ser num with a letter below it centered then next to that near bolt mod.98 bolt handle has some symbol and 38 stamped on it n it is chrome. Receiver front right side has a symbol looks kind of like an m or a crown on barrel right side just past receiver looks like a 3and a D stamped on it. On receiver in front of scoop mount there is what looks like maybe 38 stamped, the serial Number is also on drop plate and also stamped on the metal in front of drop plate that is screwed to the stock also with a symbol that may be an m or a crown or maybe something else.

Also on the left side of receiver just past the action there is a little metal box this with a screw on top that folds out from the front toward the rear.

Can you tell me a little about these guns, as far as how they hold up and shoot, what are the good for and what kind of ammo and grain is out there. Thanks so much.

07-02-2012, 14:40
Can you guys give me a hand with ammo selection, i was on cheaper then dirt and ammo doesn't seem to bad, But I don't which round to choose as the best all around load, It would be for deer maybe a bear.