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Ruble Noon
06-28-2012, 19:08
Taxpayers who are required to pay a penalty but fail to do so will receive a notice from Internal
Revenue Service (IRS) that they owe the penalty. If they still do not pay the penalty, the IRS can
attempt to collect the funds by reducing the amount of their tax refund in the future. However,
individuals who fail to pay the penalty will not be subject to any criminal prosecution or penalty
for such failure. The Secretary can not file notice of lien or levy on any property for a taxpayer
who does not pay the penalty.

So, if I owe the government as per usual it would seem they have little recourse if I refuse to pay their fine.

The Machinist
06-28-2012, 19:25
I usually get about $400 back each year. I want to work on making that closer to zero, so I'm definitely going to research my tax situation in more depth.