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06-29-2012, 22:34
does anyone else use front line Israeli made holsters? i bought one from a local gun shop last year and have been really impressed. i want to say i paid around 30 for it and for all leather holster thought it was worth a shot. by the way its the tuckable one, that straps around your belt. retention is awesome. anyhow after wearing it and loving it i have not seen it come up at all and wanted to say for the money it is definetly a good iwb holster.

06-30-2012, 10:04
Sure. Front Line holsters are pretty common here. They are one of the few manufacturers who make holsters for CZ Duty and SP01 pistols, left and right handed, paddle and duty. Here's my CZ Phantom in a Front Line holster (don't remember the exact model but it appears on their website):
Quality is not quite as high as Safariland's Raptor holsters, but it does the job just fine.

Jason D
06-30-2012, 16:36
I have had one for 10 years for a S&W.
The holster leather is substandard at best. It's hard to describe the interior of the holster. It's very cheap and fibrous leather, by far the cheapest I have ever seen in a holster. You can reach in and grab a bit and pull out a pretty good bit of leather. I am not even sure it is cow hide.

I had to line the holster with very thin layer of molded kydex to make it useful.

If you can pick one up for 5 bucks or less you probably got a good deal.
Any more than that and your mileage may vary.