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07-02-2012, 19:42
Get a phone call from my son the other day . Buddy of his found out he had a suspended license cuz he forgot to pay something or other. He just started a new job and had to get it fixed fast. He was going to let go of his Walther P99c AS he just bought new 3 months ago, to raise enough funds to fix his problem. Told my son , I know he won't go for it , all I have is $350 bucks to spare right now *pause* when can we come over . Sold ! another 9 in the stable. I almost feel guilty. Didn't know much about them at first. Seems I made a decent purchase

07-02-2012, 19:53
Pretty good deal. Nice.

07-02-2012, 20:22
Congrats! :cool: