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07-04-2012, 02:20
Hey all,

My good friend bought his son a Remington Youth Model 20 gauge semi-auto. I don't know if it's an 1100 or an 11-87, I THINK it's the 11-87. It has a 21 inch VR barrel, all black, great looking little shotgun. As a matter of fact I wouldn't mind having one myself for HD use.

I have since moved to Texas and left my buddy back in Ohio. This gun purchase was made probably 6 years ago or so. I recall at the time that he was getting ready for turkey season and his old lady laid the law down and told him he could only go if he took the young son, so he asks me what shotgun and I tell him and he buys it. They were breaking it in, and trying to get the boy used to it. As I recall he said he was having some issues in reliability. He never brought it up to me or asked me to help him diagnose it or try it myself, so I forgot about it.

Well I was talking to him today and I had been thinking of maybe picking up a 20 for HD use and range games and the problems with his Remmy Youth 20 popped into my mind. I thought maybe I could get this baby in a STEAL if he's still having issues with it cause his son is bigger than both of us now and wouldn't need a youth 20 gauge. So I ask him about it. He then tells me that they got it working fine, no issues at all now. With hopes fading fast for a deal of any kind, I listen to his next remark which is "yeah it shoots reliably as long as you make sure to use MAGNUM shells ONLY, NO regular stuff." Hmm, things might be looking up.

I told him something didn't sound right with that at all and that I am pretty sure Remington didn't mean for that shotgun to only use MAGNUM ammo. Kinda defeat the purpose of making a lightweight, YOUTH model 20 gauge that would only function reliably with MAGNUM ammo. I tell him he should be able to grab a box of target type loads or bird shot at Wally and have a helluva time at the range with some clay pigeons. That's where the conversation ended, he had to take care of something else.

Still wondering about this possible "deal" shotgun, I thought I'd come to the experts and see what is really going on with this Youth 20 gauge semi auto. Remington surely didn't design that shotgun to be reliable only when using MAGNUM loads. I am guessing he is talking about 3 inch stuff, but he could be talking about 2 3/4 inch stuff that is boxed and listed as MAGNUM.

Are there some issues with this shottie? Would you take it if offered at a great deal? If you think something isn't right, what do you think is the problem? How would it be fixed?

Any other details you want to share about this shotgun would be great.

Thanks for your time and expertise!!!


07-04-2012, 02:22