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07-05-2012, 11:02
I'm looking for a mount, so I can put a red dot on my G20.

I don't want the red dot mounted directly to the slide... would like to pay under $100 for the mount.

(And yes, I tried the search function.)

Thanks for the info.

07-07-2012, 17:18
I've been researching this subject also, looking for a scope or red dot for hunting. Here's some info I've found. I haven't tried any of them, just been searching.

By far the best mount available is the Carver. Aluminum construction. Very nice but pricey, about $145.

Mako scope mount - cheap, about $35, made of hard plastic. Read some reports of it cracking at the mounting points and not holding zero.

Another aluminum model is the Aimtech. Just not sure if this one will fit the Gen3 model 20.

Nice one for micro dot sights but again, I'm not sure if this fits the model 20's. Real sweet though.

Hope this helped. Anyone know of any others that fit the m20?

07-08-2012, 07:32
I went w/the Carver Hunter mount, for my G20.

I've been very satified w/it's performance to date.

Good shooting.

07-08-2012, 09:14
I wanted a weapon that could reach out like a carbine, but stow in a backpack for travel. A round that moves FAST and has very little drop. For fun I bought a lonewolf 9X25 barrel and some ammo from Double-Tap. 9X25 moves extremely fast out of a six inch barrel. I wanted to be able to hit targets (with my bad eyes) at 150 yards and have the firepower to hit multiple targets if needed. Since the 9X25 round is the same diameter as a 10MM, my 15 round magazines (20 rounds with the Arrendondo extension) would provide the firepower and compactness for backPack travel.

I bought the mount on GLOCKSTORE.COM. They don't offer this mount anymore (I think I paid $100 for it) It appears to be an early CARVER mount. It came from GLOCKSTORE with a rail on top; the rail has Glockmeisters name on it. It bolts on.

I had a Merrit Red Dot already. After test firing at a local range (the 9X25 is LOUD and Flames out the front..hehehe) I took her to an outdoor range. Had it zeroed at 150 yards and could put 5 round groups free hand into a 10 inch pie plate at that range. So it works great..! Love shooting this GLOCK.!