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.38 super
07-05-2012, 21:16
Gentlemen, help me withthis please; Iím working on a little research for myself, about the pressure of.10auto.

I need some reference info, pressure charts or if you can point me to a .pdf file or book that I canread or buy online, with reliable info about to what pressure were loaded the first .10mm ammo manufactured by Norma, for Colonel Cooper, maybe some historical facts how he came up with the round...

I am also interested if BuffaloBore ammo is loaded to SAAMI specs or higher and I need numbers, please.

Thank you in advance,best regards!

07-06-2012, 07:27
Pet Loads my Ken Waters is a good place to start, although the information is quite dated from what I understand.

Hatcher's Notebook (sp?) is another title to read...

I think you'll find a lot of good Quickload information here and in the 10mm Reloading Forum here on GT

07-06-2012, 08:08
Cartridges of the World 5th edition shows some pressure data of the Norma loads but whether it is correct I can say.

You can view a copy here...