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07-06-2012, 08:52
Hey everyone...been away from the forum for a bit due to some health issues...but doing better now...I am thinking about selling one of my guns...it's a Springfield 1911 in .40 cal. Stainless and looks new with all boxes, paperwork etc. I bought it off another member here a few years back and pretty much took it out shot about 3 mags thru it, cleaned it and put back in the safe..Well anyway's I am thinking of selling it and going another direction with a build with my son so maybe it could help fund some of that..Well with all that said what would you think would be a fair market value...I mean I don't want to give it away but I guess just be fair...Thanks

Jason D
07-06-2012, 18:07
That's good news.

If you could post a model number that would help people get you a better value.
I assume it's a loaded model. I would go 600 for a used one in good shape, but yours being in .40 or even a different model may garner more.

This would have to be a private sale though, as any gun shop will probably screw you on the price.