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Jim B in CO
07-06-2012, 13:07
This is a Turkish-made CZ clone. They look well-made and run around $350 new. The hard chrome model looks great, IMO. :cool: It's got a huge loaded chamber indicator which is a turn-off. Anyone own/shoot one? Opinions?



07-06-2012, 13:08
Don't know about their CZ clone, but I got their Beretta Cougar clone. While it doesn't have the pretty finish of a real Beretta, it was well built and seem to work pretty well thus far.

Also, doesn't or didn't Armalite selling the Turkish CZs too?

Jim B in CO
07-06-2012, 13:11
Also, doesn't or didn't Armalite selling the Turkish CZs too?
Don't know...:dunno: I think there are at least a few Turkish companies making CZ clones. EAA sells the Sarsilmaz K2.

12-22-2012, 17:31
I am almost ready to get a Canik55 but the only thing holding me back is that HUGE loaded chamber indicator :wow:
That thing is huge ! I love CZ's and it is pretty much an all steel version of the CZ P-01 .

12-22-2012, 18:03
A shot a mag or two out of it when one of my friends ( a first time gun owner, guess why ) bought one after every CZ in America was sold overnight. We didn't have that much ammo on hand after the crunch but it ran 100% the trigger is typical CZ and yes the chamber loaded indicated is as bad as a SR9 but it runs great and is a cz at half the price