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07-06-2012, 22:28
My wife and I had just finished cleaning out our storage unit. We are determined to 'Get Rid Of The Clutter' and after a couple trips we had emptied out our unit and given notice.

Had a Good 4th Of July already started!

Driving home in our neighborhood we saw a couple - Blond in a Hot Pink blouse with black shorts, and a skinny guy with dark hair wearing a black shirt with saggin black pants carrying a backpack walking along...

(100F wearing Black on Black - It's *good* to be young and dehydrated)

We get home and finish the final unloading, and here they come up the street pushing a bike.

They stop in front of our house on the sidewalk and it sounded tense between them for a couple minutes, but no yelling or screaming.

The guy is messing with the back wheel which is refusing to turn.

So... where did they get the bike between the time we first saw them and now???

Let's find out! :cool:

Walk up to them by myself and ask 'How are ya, and what's up with the bike?"

It's his friend's bike and he's taking it to him (bike was in *very* rough shape - no chain, handlebars twisted off center, rear brakes all messed up)

Grabbed a crescent wrench out of the tool box and released the rear brake cable for him.

Then I said "I just have to ask, so I want you to look me in the eye - and tell me you aren't stealing this bike"

HAHAHAHAHAHA... I >KNEW< he was lying before he finished lying to me! Blondie was *glaring* at me... He did everything BUT look me in the eye! (LOL)

Knowing he was lying to me just really caught me off guard. I KNEW he was lying, but didn't think fast enough...

I let em go because I could not think of how to really *prove* on the spot that he was lying:

We didn't see them take the bike
We didn't know WHERE they got the bike
We didn't know WHEN they got the bike... They just suddenly appeared with it - I guess the bottom line is that the sudden appearance of the bike was a *clue*... we just couldn't prove it.

Well, today my wife saw the person who lives on the corner of our block and flagged her down as they drove by...

Sure enough they had grabbed it from their yard... and from the very complete description she knew *exactly* who they were!

(We are a good team - I kept em busy while my wife wrote down the complete description and time of the event.)

So - The lessons learned:

I should have pressed harder about where the bike came from. Show me, take me there...

Should have thought longer before the approach. Had a stronger game plan.

If I had been more certain, I may have thrown caution to the wind and Called The Police... :cool:

In the end the 'Good Witness' plan prevailed. I'll see about catching the neighbor and seeing about getting her to get a police report.

{sigh} Hopefully you will benefit from this little tale, and the suggestions that will no doubt emerge from the comments to come.

Yes, I should have unveiled my concealed Glock 27 - Cause we all know that Open Carry would have prevented this. I came to this conclusion while watchin my Sony Bravia (SP) which looks suspiciously like a Sharp Aquos... and I am very please I didn't 'lose it' and talk to the Po-Po...

And NO - The blonde was NOT HaWt at all - Unless you like em plump enough that the muffin top pops out between the shorts and the hot pink blouse... :rofl:

With 2 very strong rains, The 4th of July finished off as it should - Sounding like a Beirut Firefight! Fireworks are legal, and were *banned* for the holiday, but like true Arizonans we took advantage of the Monsoon rains and *blew stuff up* anyway!!!

Bottom line: Trust, but Verify... and be a Good Witness!


07-06-2012, 22:41
One of my scooters was stolen from my house when we went to watch the fireworks. It was locked, my "neighbors" saw nothing. I'm so sad for America.

07-06-2012, 23:09
One of my scooters was stolen from my house when we went to watch the fireworks. It was locked, my "neighbors" saw nothing. I'm so sad for America.

Sorry to hear about this... but THANKS for making me feel better! :wavey:

At least the neighbor knows who did it to her now.

Hope your scooter finds it's way home soon...


07-07-2012, 01:06
Thank you Patrick.

07-07-2012, 07:05
Did you tell the neighbor you helped the thieves get the brakes unlocked so that they could push it away better? :)

07-07-2012, 11:24
Did you tell the neighbor you helped the thieves get the brakes unlocked so that they could push it away better? :)

I'll be eating that *Dead Crow* later today when I encourage her to get a police report on file...

Like I have always said - If you GOT to eat the Dead Crow, Eat it while it's warm.

Also left out of the post that I pounded on her door for 5 to 10 minutes after the event - No one home however...

Yah - Like I said - Lots of good lessons learned... :rofl:


ca survivor
07-07-2012, 16:15
"neighbors" saw nothing. yea, they never see anything.

07-08-2012, 01:30
Funny, one of my friends had his motorcycle stolen on the 4th too.

07-08-2012, 13:18
If you're feeling gutsy enough to confront a thief, then next time I recommend taking a picture in the process. It might be the last push that makes them come unglued. Or the decide it wasn't worth it....