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07-06-2012, 22:45
how does one legally transfer one's firearms when one transfers from one address to another? sorry if too many ones.

my plan is to have PTTs issued for all guns not covered by PTC, transport to new domicile, have change of address done on all guns before PTT expires. is there an actual change of address form sa Crame or do most people just wait until license renewal is up and then change it then? i know this is a grayish area but when i told the person at Crame my address has changed they just updated their records, no question on how the firearm was moved (whether it had a ptt or ptc).

is this usually how it's done or is there another lipat bahay form?

new domicile is within .ph

Young Once
07-07-2012, 07:22
Thats how I did it when I moved. Just waited for renewal time, changed my address on the form and voila! No questions asked. The renewal form itself indicates whether the renewal is with or without change. Just tick the "with changes" box and input the new address.