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07-07-2012, 18:36
I have a new 22/45 and am new to them. I swapped the stock trigger for the Volquartsen and got rid of the magazine safety so i could have drop free mags (majestic arms quick strip kit w/ markii bushing). I replaced the extractor with the Volquartsen exact edge.

I have the bear of a difficult mainspring housing reinstall problem but it isn't the standard problem. It's like the bolt isn't closing all the way and won't allow for the reassembly. The alignment is right and when I hold the bolt in I can run the bolt stop pin on mainspring housing through from the topside with the bolt out. It seems like it is the extractor not going into the receiver groove properly, but I've tried swapping the stock and VQ extractors back and forth. The guns internals now make sense and I'm pretty confident it isn't the bolt hold open it is rebounding off of and not seating and there doesn't seem to be a LCI problem.

Any thoughts besides," get ye to the gunsmith"?

07-07-2012, 19:06
Got it. lol. Was just a fitting issue.