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07-09-2012, 18:53
Pretty sure this is in the correct section, but here we go. I picked me up a new Sig 556 today. They seem pretty solid but I would like to know what GT thinks about them. Any owners I would appreciate your input rather good or bad. Thanks GT and this is my fifth AR variant rifle so here are a couple of pics...

Sig with my TRP

Sig with my SR 556

Sig with my 1911's

07-11-2012, 15:23
Very nice

Congrats! :cool:

07-11-2012, 15:52
How is the fit and finish?

Any furniture rattle?

07-11-2012, 21:29
Fit and finish is nice and solid. No rattling and I took it for a run today at the range. Got it sighted in and it is a tack driver. Just took me a minute to get used to the doper sighting system but it is good to go. No failures of any type, and I am pleased with it. Thanks for the support

ca survivor
07-12-2012, 09:54

08-18-2012, 16:56
:embarassed:Bought in Oct 2011 $975 patrol mod. 1,100 flawless mil-surp thru it. Less acurate then and ar-15, but it is a combat rifle. Trigger IMHO is great for a combat rifle. I now concider it my SHTF rifle. If SIG could lower the price $699 it would be a best buy IMHO. I love mine fit and finish is great very solid rifle.:embarassed:

08-19-2012, 05:58
Congrats on your Sig - I really like my Sig 556 but ... does your Sig eat the edges of your fired brass up? Mine does and some of them can't be reloaded.