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07-10-2012, 14:22
Looking to buy a Marlin .22 mag rifle. Do you recommend the mag fed or tubular mag? Any difference or advantage to either? I'd like the tubular with 12+1!!
thx. Slainer

07-10-2012, 14:36
tube. .

No mags to buy
No mags to lose
Cleaner look

It's not a "tactical/combat" rifle so there is no need for fast reloads. But you can buy/make speed-loaders if you want.

But I am biased. . .
Marlin 983 (Magnum)
Marlin 881 (LR)

Also have a Marlin 60, Henry H001, Winchester 9422M that are all tube fed. . .

I do have ONE .22 that uses magazines. . . My Feather AT-22

Obviously a highly sought-after tactical/combat weapon used by gangsters, operators and mall ninjas everywhere. . . :rofl:

But seriously. . . It was actually listed by name in the Clinton AW ban: "It's Scary looking!!!"

I will say this about the Feather. It's accurate, the barrel is easily removable for easy transportation, and it is without doubt, the quietest non-suppressed .22 I have ever heard. It also weighs less than 1/2 of a Marlin 60 (or similar).

07-10-2012, 15:37

07-10-2012, 17:31
Very nice collection Bill! Tubular it will be! Thx guys!