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07-12-2012, 22:57
So the other day my buddy went to the range with me and shot my cz75bd. He fell in love with it. The only thing is he only likes .22lr and 40sw out of handguns, because 22 is so cheap and he reloads 40. He decided he wanted to get one, but I told him to stay away from a 40 cal cz, I have heard some of them are good(especially the upscale ones) but a lot of the service style production models have feeding issues, and he wants it for his new HD gun so reliablity is key.

So, between the Baby Eagle II, Witness, K2, ar24(if it comes it 40) or any other one, which one is the best for use with the 40 cal round? Thanks.

07-12-2012, 23:07
I own a Tanfoglio TZ-75 from the 80's and love it. With the new grips on it, it feels beyond great in my hand and shoots very well. EAA makes a .40 CZ clone and it is reasonable. I have heard mixed things about CZ and am happy I have my TZ-75. You don't see many at all.

07-12-2012, 23:11
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07-12-2012, 23:14
I have a Tanfoglio TZ-75 in 9mm from the 80's and love it, you don't see many around. With my new Hogue grips, it feels incredible in my hand. It shoots great and people always love shooting it. EAA makes great pistols and I have heard bad things about CZ too. You won't regret buying an EAA.

You can't look at this gun and hate it! Good luck on your search.

is that a safety, decocker, or safety/decocker like a beretta?

BTW, nice looking gun. I prefer wood grips, but the Hogues look nice on it. Plus I love the spur hammer and the roll mark kida reminds of me a Browning. Very easy on the eyes.

07-12-2012, 23:17
Yes it is a decocker. I apologize for the double post. It is a really great handgun and takes the recoil very well. It is a little heavy and I could never CC it but it is a great shooter.

07-12-2012, 23:21
So is it a .40? And what is the pricepoint for NIB?

07-12-2012, 23:30
Sorry, it's a 9mm. I thought I put that in the post. I ramble sometimes haha. But the 9mm shoots great so I'm guessing the .40 would as well. Here in MA, EAA can not be sold in gun shops so I have no idea on NIB values. If you're in a free state I am sure you can find one online. I just found one.

Why settle for these guns and get a Glock .40 or a Sig? IMHO you'll love a Glock but if you're set on these, buy one.

07-13-2012, 02:38
The Baby Eagle is an excellent pistol.

07-24-2012, 05:40
Just picked up a new semi-compact Baby Eagle this past weekend at the Melbourne, FL gun show. I went looking for a cz but struck out. I could only find one compact. I ran across the DE II and couldn't got back.

When checking the specs online, Magnum research's website states that it had conventional lands and grooves. When I got it home I confirmed it has polygonal rifling like our glocks. I love cleaning polygonal barrels.

I'll be shooting it later today. Will post some results.

07-24-2012, 14:12
The Baby Eagle is a great choice. I have the 45 ACP and my buddy had the 9mm. Price is around $550, bought mine on sell for $499. I have not shot the 40 BE however I am sure it would be just as good at the other calibers. Easy to find on line and at LGS.

The SAR K2: I sent an email to EAA about the 10mm and received an email back stating this "The K-2 10MM is not in production at this time.". So far I have not been able to find any other caliber except 45ACP. I have no first hand experience with the SAR K2, I just see a lot of good reviews and am interested in the 10mm.

I only have experience with the CZ 75 P-01 (9mm) and If the 40cal P-06 is anything like the P-01, then it is an awesome gun. The quality is great and the fit is tight.

I have only handled the EAAs and they feel and look like the others. A shipment is in and you can find them on Gun Genie and Buds.

07-24-2012, 14:16
Here is a pic of my BE II 45.

07-24-2012, 14:55
I handled a few of the EAA guns that were next to the DE that I bought this past weekend. They looked great. I tried the trigger on a match SAO and it was awesome! I was over $600, but the standad versions were much less. I went for the more utilitarian DE though.

07-24-2012, 14:56
Why buy a clone when you can get a real CZ. IMO the CZ's are a bargain for the price.

07-24-2012, 15:02
Because we can :) Can't really tell you why I liked the DE more, just did.

07-24-2012, 15:03
I have 3 CZs and two different clones.

My P-06 is a terrific .40 , the other CZs are terrific 9s as is my Baby Desert Eagle, and the EAA is a great .45/10mm/.22.

You can't really go wrong with any of them in .40 but the P-06 is probably the "handiest" The Witness doesn't have a decocker the BDE is a little difficult for me, but the P-06 has one of the most ergonomical decocker there is.