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billy b
07-13-2012, 15:35
i'm trying to talk a friend of mine to sell me his model 15 38 special. it's in very good condition. what would be a fair price to pay. also, can 38 +P be shot in it. serial# k42 3xxx. any idea as to what year it was made. thanks for any input. was told it was a police trade in.

07-13-2012, 15:45
Depends on condition and whats included. Just the gun I'd say around $450-500 around here. Add the box, paperwork, cleaning kit and screw driver the price goes up.

From a collectors standpoint the 15 no dash was made only in 1957. So it would be one of the scarcer model 15's. Also it should be what is known as a four screw example. (Three side plate screws and a trigger guard screw). The are desirable and sought after by collectors. If you can get it at a decent price I'd be all over it.

ETA: S&W says that any of their all steel, model numbered guns can handle +p ammo. But they caution that doing so may accelerate wear. We used 15-2's and 3's with nothing but +p in the Air Force. They held quite well.

Also the correct grips for the gun should be a set of diamond magna's like the ones on this model 14.


billy b
07-13-2012, 16:04
gun looks just like your picture, same grips.

07-13-2012, 17:19
The S&W bible says that serial number was shipped in 1960.

You sure there is no dash?

07-13-2012, 17:22
gun looks just like your picture, same grips.

If it's the same barrel length it would be a model 14. (K-38)

07-13-2012, 17:35
I love the old S&W revolvers. :cool:

07-13-2012, 17:45
I love the old S&W revolvers. :cool:

Me too.

I would punch Chuck Norris to get my hands on a '59 model 15 (in excellent condition of course, for "Good to Excellent" I would just think bad things)

billy b
07-14-2012, 06:43
i looked again, no dash. i have a 642-2. gun has some holster ware, but action is very tight. in any case, gun is almost as old as me.