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07-13-2012, 17:32
Dear Mas,

Many people advocate having/carrying a gun with single action just in case a longer precise shot has to be made.They will pick a shrouded or exposed hammer revolver over a enclosed Centennial frame to keep the SA option and usually like 1911's over new striker fired pistols for the same reason.

But, how likely is the need for a single precise shot by a Civilian to justify the need to have a gun with SA?

The link below shows such a precise shot being needed although the shooter was a Police Officer and I would imagine Cops are much more likely to face such situations than a Civilian with a CCW.


Mas Ayoob
07-14-2012, 05:50
It's a most unusual situation for the private citizen, and I think we'd all agree that a 2" J-frame is not the ideal tool for a sniper rescue shot. That said, back in the day most of the PPC revolver champions used double action even at 50 yards, where they were allowed to cock to single action: they shot better DA because they didn't have to break their hold to cock the gun, it gave them faster lock time, and it was more conducive to a surprise trigger break.

In the case you linked, I'm told the officer used a .45 caliber HK pistol, but do not know what trigger group was in the gun. For all I know, his successful rescue shot could have been fired with the first double action shot of a TDA system, or the gun could have been double action only, long pull or LEM.