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07-18-2012, 15:27
Yesterday I received a New Vaquero birdshead in .45ACP

Today I went to the range, shooting at 15 yards. (Eyes getting old!)

This is a smooth shooting gun, with a trigger like butter.

It is shooting about 4 3/4" low and a 2+" to the left.

I tried a tight hold, very very loose hold, one hand, etc.
If I held it with just the middle and ring finger, and let it whip up, I got it higher but only about 2 inches and it felt really sloppy.

I tried 3 different loads (bulk FMJ, self defense JHP, and lead target loads). All hit fairly close together. My goal is to use the same ammo in this and my autoloader. I put 160+ rounds downrange.

After I got home, I stuck a bore-sighting laser down the barrel. The bore is definitely pointing to the left.

Aiming at the red target. Had to move it around to get close to the center. 12-shot group. The target is pretty shot out by now and mostly just pasters near the center.

I can file the top of the front sight to make the group come up.

How to change horizontally? File the rear notch to the right? Something else?

07-18-2012, 17:57
I think a smith could move the front sight for you. I would adjust windage first, then dial in the elevation.