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07-20-2012, 21:35
Okay,I want to get a new EDC weapon for my wife.

I have a G20sf and my EDC is a Kimber Crimson Ultra Carry(that I love by the way,and I shoot much better with it)
The problem is that my wife cannot rack the slide on either. She says its just to hard,and she does look a little dangerous when she tries. She does not want a revolver. And I think it would be the same with a 9mm or a .40. as far as racking the slide.
So I was thinking .380 What are your thoughts and what do you have or think is best? It will be an EDC for her so it must fit in a small to medium sized purse,she does not carry a suit case so ladies please chime in on what you carry.
I also want it to be a quality weapon. Money is not an object if I can get it for 1k or less. And I know a lot of people say .380 is too small to matter,but in my eyes .380 is better than a stick in the eye,and she will have some type of chance if she ever needs to use it.

Thanks, Ed

07-20-2012, 22:52
A 380 loaded with fine hollow points will get the job done. With the budget you talking about I would look hard at a Kahr 380, a Sig 238, real hard at a Smith & Wesson bodyguard, and of course my favorite a Ruger LCP. One of those is what you want I'd bet !

07-20-2012, 22:58
i was really surprised at how easy it was to rack the slide on a sig226, much easier than my kahr cm9, it's a very impressive gun with an excellent reputation

07-20-2012, 22:59
If you get a .380 be advised that some are blowback and are stiffly sprung.

I would advise that your wife try and build hand/arm strength, that way she'd be comfortable working with most any handgun.

07-21-2012, 00:22
The higher the mass of the slide, the lower the spring resistance will be (usually). My wife has a much easier time racking the slide on my Beretta 92FS and 5" 1911 than she does her little Kel-Tec PF9.

07-21-2012, 03:22
There are other ways...

07-21-2012, 06:48
Does she have aproblem with her grip strength or with the arm strength to pull back the slide?


Bruce M
07-21-2012, 07:29
If I had a wife I would probably let her shoot as many different guns as possible first and then let her decide.

Bob Hafler
07-21-2012, 07:31
Can't say what is best and do not know what your price range might be. I know that the Bersa Thunder .380 (PPK clone) seems to be a popular choice amoung women. It's also probably one of the safest guns on the market with all it's safeties. Weather one choose to use them or not is another story. I carried one for a while before I got my PM9. IMO it's a nice accurate little gun at a reasonable price and if it gets scratched up from being in a purse it's no big deal. It was 100% reliable for the time I owned it. IMO it's one of the best .380's out there dollar for dollar pound for pound in the .380 market..

Gun Blast has a couple reviews on the Bersa Thunder .380 that might be helpful to you if your interested. Good luck

07-21-2012, 08:53
Does she have aproblem with her grip strength or with the arm strength to pull back the slide?


A little of both!

07-21-2012, 08:55
If I had a wife I would probably let her shoot as many different guns as possible first and then let her decide.

We have,thats why we are asking about what people think of their .380

07-21-2012, 09:00
Thanks for all of your replys. We will be out looking at a few today, maybe a Solo!:wavey:

07-21-2012, 10:48
Be sure she shoots and reloads by herself, those pocket nines have a pretty stiff action.

07-21-2012, 14:20
A little of both!

Then try a different style of racking the slide before you buy something only based on the ease of racking the slide.

First try gripping the slide with a form of slingshot grip. Bend the fingers down about 45 degrees from being in line with the back of the hand then bend the eds of the fingers in ad tight as they will go. Now place the middle bone of the index finger along the serrations of the slide and the thumbso that the joint at the web of the hand is just a little behind the rear of the slide. Now, with the stron hand in a normal grip on the pistol, extend both arms straight in front of you. Twist the shoulder to rack the slide!

This method uses no upper arm strength as the elbows are straight. The pistol does not have to be pointed straight out - it could be pointed downwards almost vertically or anywhere in between. The shoulders of most people have more than enough muscle to rack the slide in this way and the grip, with the thumb straight, uses the leverage of the thumb to maximum advantage while the fingers support each other.

There is a variant on this but try this first.


07-21-2012, 15:40
There is also guns like a beretta tomcat in 32acp. Has a tip up barrel so there is no need to rack the slide to load or unload.

I may advise my mom as she has shown an interest in having a gun.... I am doubtful she would be able to "effectively" rack the slide..

07-21-2012, 17:13
Glock 26 slide racks easy for women I've taught. Hold slide with left hand push gun down with the right hand (assuming right handed). Recoil isn't bad, and the women don't seem to mind it. Blocky.

Ruger LCP .380recoil is strong, and many don't like shooting it. But I like it for me :)

My wife tried a SIG 238 .380 and liked it a lot. She said the recoil is a lot less than an LCP. That is because it is a little bigger and heavier. But it is still pretty small.

Snubby revolver in .38 is an option to think about. But recoil is high, and hard to shoot accurately. Many women prefer the 637 with external hammer so they can cock it back. Some have trouble pulling a double-action revolver trigger.

Arc Angel
07-21-2012, 17:36
I have arthritis in my hands. As the years pass I have to deal more and more with it. Here's how I've been able to remain just as fast, now, as I've ever been: Look at this picture. It's how all of my semiautomatic pistols look. Grip strength can be a problem for me; so I will grab the front of the slide by pinching it between my trigger finger and thumb. Then I push the frame forward AND pull the slide back. I lose no speed at all; and I'm not in danger of, 'ventilating' my grasping hand because the muzzle is, as you can see, forward of my fingers.

My secondary (front left pocket) pistol is a Beretta, 'Alley Cat'. It's a little 32 ACP pistol with a tilt up barrel. I never have to work the slide unless I want to. The other thing you can do with a lot of semiautomatics - and especially with a Glock - is to reduce the recoil spring weight by 1 or 2 pounds while you're using it for self-defense.

Just because a semi-auto pistol is small frame or minor caliber does NOT mean that the slide is going to be easy to use - Just the opposite, most times! I'm not going to push you; but my own wife's EDC is a superlative little Ruger SP-101 with a 3 inch barrel and soft rubber Hogue Monogrip. She shoots it very well, too.

(I actually feel sorry for any street thug or cheating husband who might cross her. She's almost as good with that little Ruger as I am; and I grew up with a revolver in my hands.) ;)