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07-22-2012, 11:06
Mas, quick question for you. This company Underwood Ammo has gotten popular as of late due to their reported quality and great prices on self defense ammo using Gold Dot bullets. I am interested in their ammo, but wanted to ask you a question about potential legal issues of using this ammo in a self defense shooting. My concern lies with the markings on the case head. While this is factory new ammo, the brass only has the Starline symbol stamped on it, not a brand name. Could this lack of brand marking give the prosecution grounds to argue that these are home-made cartridges instead of factory ammo?

My gut tells me that it would be best to stick to ammo made by the major manufacturers but I wanted to pique your brain on this subject instead of assuming.


Mas Ayoob
07-22-2012, 23:44
Dude, I have no personal problem with Underwood ammo. The generic Starline headstamp COULD be a concern if the given, unpredictable incident created a question of what load was fired from the gun in evidence, though I haven't personally seen that happen. I'd be more concerned with whether the small manufacturer kept "exemplar lots" of their ammunition for future forensic evidence testing to prove my case if I was involved in a shooting with it, and GSR testing to determine distance became a "guilt or innocence" issue. One has to find out from the given manufacturer if they keep stocks of such ammunition for such purposes, as the major manufacturers do.