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07-22-2012, 16:38
i'm getting ready to order my first Garand from the CMP. when I was looking through the different grades I saw that they were selling the C&D sniper variants for about the same as what regular Garand goes for in the gun shops. the bad part is at almost double the cost of a standard CMP Garand.

so should I get a M1C? worst case scenario I never find the parts but I still have a M1C. or I could get a regular M1 and put the $500-600 saved for en-bloc, sling, bayonet, ammo and probably still have some cash left over

07-22-2012, 19:03
The CMP tends to put the nice C&D's up for auction. The scrubs with worn out bores and pitted receivers end up for sale on the regular site.

Just another crazy idea, get one of the M1903A4 sniper clones assembled by Gibbs (sold at places like AIM Suprlus). Heck of a better sniper rifle than the Garand.

07-22-2012, 19:11
A C or a D takes a lot of getting used to. The scope is offset to the left because of the clip, you'd need a cheek piece for it and even then it might not be the most comfortable. The 1903A4 is a better option IMHO. BTW the C&Ds on the store aren't scrubs, the ones they auction are just in better condition. A 3&5 on the muzzle and throat is not a bad rifle and it has lots of life left. Typically a recrown and cut back of the barrel by a 1/4 to 1/2 inch will help the ones with a higher muzzle rating.

07-22-2012, 19:36
thanks for the input, I guess i will go for the Rack grade M1 and put the rest towards ammo and accessories or go for the gibbs 1903a4 that has been hanging in my LGS wall for a year now. maybe they will cut me a deal to sell it :rofl: