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Ruble Noon
07-23-2012, 05:04

07-23-2012, 05:27
For years, the government at every level - from the fed down to the municipalities - have setup a system of entitlements that is essentially a Ponzi scheme. It's very easy for a politician today to make promises based on something that will be paid for in the future, with taxpayer dollars. The politician has nothing to lose.

It's all a financial train wreck that will happen very soon. The politicians today are just shoveling more coal into the firebox and the train is just accelerating.

07-23-2012, 06:55
Come on now, you know public unions aren't the problem. People on this forum tell us all the time.
Now who has some pictures of firemen saving puppies or cops rescuing hostages?

07-23-2012, 07:08
Nothing to worry about, the gubmint will provide.

Thanks kids! :cheers:

07-23-2012, 12:47
Interesting website. At this link scroll down to the second paragraph and click on the link to the David Stockman interview. One of the best overviews I've seen of where the fed is leading us. Right up there with Harry Dent and Peter Schiff.