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07-24-2012, 13:22
Just got back from the range with my 9mm Desert Eagle II Semi-Compact. 250 rounds with no malfunctions of any kind.

In single action, this thing is a tack driver. It weighs slightly less than a fully laden oil tanker so I guess that's to be expected. My accuracy really suffered doing double action drills, but it seemed to get better with practice and break-in.

I was looking for a CZ this weekend at a gun show and had no luck. Pretty happy with this though. Seems really well built and has polygonal rifling like our beloved glocks.

07-24-2012, 13:53
Very cool. Congrats. If they made rubber grip panels (besides the wrap-arounds with the finger grooves), I'd already own one ;)

07-24-2012, 14:11
I liked rubber pachmayr grips on my 1911, but I'm not going to touch this. I think it's perfect right out of the box.

07-24-2012, 14:23
My buddy shot my BE II 45 and went out and bought the 9mm. He loves it!

Congrats! :thumbsup:

07-24-2012, 14:44

07-24-2012, 21:09
I'm dying to get one! :cool:

07-25-2012, 18:17
I have the full size in both 9mm and 40. They are simply some of the finest firearms made IMO.

07-25-2012, 18:18
Congrats on a great pistol.

07-26-2012, 17:25
Thanks. I went to my LGS to pick up some defense ammo and they had the CZ I thought I was looking for last weekend. I played with it and I'm still in love with the DE. Especially when I saw their price!

Every time I see a CZ75 I kick myself for not buying one of the surplus guns 12 years ago. I remember a guy at a gun show in Orlando that had $100 Makarovs in one crate and $225 CZ75s in the other. Guess what the idiot with $100 in his pocket bought. Doh!