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Bruce M
07-25-2012, 14:57
I had to start at 5 am today which required me to get up way before that. I no longer adapt well to about anything and was ~seven minutes late getting there. And not especially jovial for the duration. Starting that early meant I could and did leave somewhere before 2 and since I was not that far away I decided to go by http://www.louspolice.com/ and make a little payment on the layaway for a Wilson I ordered (has not come in yet of course.) Much to my glee they had recently got a shipment of Shields and I had thrown my name into the bucket for one a while ago. :supergrin:


07-25-2012, 15:02

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07-25-2012, 15:28
Coworker just picked up the .40 Shield on Saturday. Nice looking CCW pistol. Congratulations.

07-25-2012, 15:31
Looks like I'll be waiting forever and I'm first on the list.

07-25-2012, 15:48
Congrats, Bruce! Now you'll have to wake up early again tomorrow to go shoot it :supergrin:

I was really happy with how it shot the first time out, and it has eaten everything I've fed it.

Shipwreck and I are still waiting on extra magazines from S&W. I am bout to cancel with them, because I know that the magazines are becoming easy to find around here.

Don't forget to set your alarm tonight.

07-25-2012, 16:03
Looks like a great little CCW, so many to choose from these days :)

07-25-2012, 16:34
Congrats Bruce :cool:

Bruce M
07-26-2012, 07:25
Thanks all!

07-26-2012, 14:16
Congrats. Hope you enjoy it

07-26-2012, 15:00
Congrats ! You're gonna love it.

Bruce M
07-28-2012, 17:58
I took it to the range today and oddly it was an all S&W day for me between the Shield, 1911 E and pre Model 18. I was fortunate enough to shoot a Shield when S&W came out to demonstrate some of the M&Ps. I think the trigger on mine is nearly as good as it was on the demo version. I like the Shield alot and I find it a bit easier to shoot than my P290 or LC9. I put 120 rounds through it today with no issues except for a S&B round that did not go off. The mark in the primer looked strong.

While it still early to have any good information on long term reliability my guess is that the Shield is going to gain some popularity for the concealed/plainclothes/off duty market especially coupled with a price of $379.

07-28-2012, 18:14
Nice looking gun, congrats!

07-29-2012, 02:10