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07-25-2012, 20:58
I have an ar-10t with a 24" lothar walters stainless barrel.
It has been broken in as per Armalite's instructions and that's all the rounds through it. Just wondering what's it worth????

07-25-2012, 21:01
What handguard, tube or picatinny rail?

07-25-2012, 21:02
old style fiberglass-green furniture

07-25-2012, 21:06
$1400-1600 based on what I've seen lately

07-25-2012, 21:30
$1400-1600 based on what I've seen lately
That don't sound too bad BNDR'.
I (acquired) this from a relative and just don"t really have a use for it. I talk to a few guys who run in those circles that shoot
those type of rifles. Man they drop some bucks on (items)
for them!!! One guy said those rifles are 800-1000yd.guns!!
Personally if something is over 100-150 yds away I'm not messing with it.