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07-26-2012, 06:51
Lookit here while Obama's 'heavy' leans on American voters:

What is it that makes Democrat/Progressives risk all their credibility by supporting a voting practice that incredibly allows just anyone- illegals, foreigners, non-citizens(!), to vote for our - AMERICA'S- leadership?:dunno:

Should those who walk into a polling place be required to qualify to cast their ballots? I think the answer is a resounding YES! If you cannot prove your eligibility to vote to help decide who/what runs this country, get out of the way; let those who care enough to actually be real citizens do the duty.:steamed:

07-26-2012, 07:02
Just wondering -- has any USAG ever filed so many suits and had so many actions against the States at one time?

Cloward-Piven couldn't have a better friend...