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07-28-2012, 08:28
The rear sight on my mk III does not like to keep put. I crank down on the set screw, but after a little while of shooting, the dovetail starts sliding. Any ideas on what I could do to keep it set?

Loctite might work, but it takes a while to get the sight centered nicely, and I'd worry that it might set before I got it centered.

Could I use a punch down the set screw hole to make a dimple for the set screw to go into to give it a better hold?

Hell, I thought about having someone just tack weld the bugger on there so it doesn't go anywhere.

I don't think I'm the only one with this problem, so I'm sure some of you others may have found something more creative.



Jason D
07-28-2012, 16:50
Been there, done that.

My sight was such a piece of crap I just went ahead and replaced it with a Volquartsen Bomar type adjustable. Even finding one on sale, they are expensive. I think I paid like 62 bucks for mine from Rimfiresports.

What you can do is....

Loctite it in place with blue or green loctite. You might as well do the front sight as well, as they come loose too.

You can replace it.

You can use a center punch on the bottom of the sight to raise up some teeth on the sight and then loctite it in place.

You can get a rail and reddot set up.

You can get angry and smash things.

Jason D
07-28-2012, 16:54
I should add...

If you do decide to go the loctite route. Center the sight blade in the sight before you center the sight in the dovetail. If you have a pair of calipers that can help you center the sight in the dovetail. Eyeballing works well too, but you have to make sure your blade is perfectly centered in the sight. You do not want to use that as a reference only to find out after the job is done it was cranked off to the right or something.

07-28-2012, 19:09
Yes, center-punch it and loc-tite it down.