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07-29-2012, 09:21
Link ('')

I bet he will get serious consideration.

The Machinist
07-29-2012, 09:24
Well he'd be perfect for the job. If you're going to run this country off a cliff, why not do it right?

07-29-2012, 09:25

We should have elected the Mafia ... at least they are more business-like ..... :wow:


07-29-2012, 10:17
He's as much of a narcissist as Obama is.


07-29-2012, 10:49
I guess the prerequisite now for being Fed chief is that one must even LOOK like a weasel...


07-29-2012, 11:17
Either one (bernanke or krugman) will do nicely, it will be some small measure of justice for either one to be the "face" of the economic collapse......something they so richly deserve.`