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07-31-2012, 17:44
Last night i was looking at the front of my G20 considering a flashlight mount for it and low and behold i noticed what looked like a horizontal crack in the guide rod hole "lobe" that's just under the barrel hole in the slide. So, of course i pulled the slide off and got out a magnifying glass and sure enough, several horizontal cracks on each side of the hole and the lobe was even bent in a bit. I also noticed a dent in the bottom of the lobe where it must have contacted either a large rock or concrete floor. I'm not going to blame this on anyone but myself because i can remember dropping the gun before and i've even watched a customer drop it at a show once... so... my bad. And so, also, yeah, it DOES happen... and it easily can have enough force to crack it exactly like it's cracked. At any rate, i obviously need to replace the slide... *sniff*... I already called Glock and left a message, but, i have to ask; What is the "fast track" best way to get a new slide that will fit and work with this old frame? It's one of the original low serial number G20's. I'm so bummed.

Angry Fist
07-31-2012, 17:48
Dang... that sucks. I would be bawling if anything happened to Shelly!

08-09-2012, 23:21
wow.that sucks....I have an older Gen2 as well. Same exact frame as the new models. Including the G21. You could pimp it out with a lonewolf bare slide and just swap out the internals.

Good luck finding something...

Be well


08-09-2012, 23:35
Heartbreaking. Sorry that happened.

The Pirate
08-15-2012, 18:13
That would be a bad day. I feel for ya. I'm sure it'll be fixed before you know it though.

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