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08-06-2012, 16:09
Anybody Been To A Bob Vogel Class?

If so, what level (competitive) shooter are you?

How much do you believe it enhanced your skill level for your specific gun game?

Do you think his teaching/approach is better suited for low-to-mid level shooters (Say IDPA NV, MM, SS) trying to advance to a higher level, or higher level shooters (EX, MA) trying to win their class, or both.

We all know Bob is a phenomenal shooter - how would you rate his teaching skills?

Finally, where did you take the class, did you travel for the class, how long was the class and was it worth the expense ?


08-08-2012, 22:28
Yes I have, Richmond CA.

Took his fundamentals class. Really helped my game.
Definitely worth it.
He taught a Basic Class and a Advanced Class.
He is very Patience and detailed oriented. He has not been teaching for along time but I found him very informative.

Definitely worth the expense.
He is coming back to Richmond, CA Next year and I have signed up already.