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08-08-2012, 22:44
I traded for a OD G20 today that was bought not long ago with three mags. Its a blue label case. Had about 500 rds on the gun between two barrels. The storm lake 6" barrel came with it. Friend of mine had been reloading the 10mm round for awhile. I never owned a 10mm but had a G21 like it beofre.
I do have a odd question. He had no issues with the setup but I noticed the storm lake barrel in it seemed to hang up when installing the slide. I never known or seen any like this. I always known all glocks have a straight ejector part that I ever seen. This one is curved to the right and little upward. On the reg barrel its not interferring when the slide is put on the frame but with the storm lake it is as it hangs up at that point. I think it got damaged unless it was made that way. I just need to know for peace of mind since I have never broke a g20 down so dont know for sure but would think it would be the same as all the other glocks I have owned or seen. Its marked 8196-2. More I look at it and it lines up like I would think it should to catch the brass like it maybe made that way. The part generally don't get bent. Weird looking though.
I took pics om my cell phone but not uploaded them yet. Do I need to use photobucket or not to post them here?

I found out it is normal, thanks, guess just difference in factory and aftermarket barrel tolerences.

08-08-2012, 22:49
It must be an aftermarket. my G20 has a flat extractor like all of my other glocks. Im stumped.

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08-08-2012, 23:10
My friend says his buddy's G20 is angled and not straight also, weird. Its just a year old.

08-08-2012, 23:18
Extractor, or ejector?

The extractor is installed in the slide. The ejector is the steel pin attached to the trigger/striker group at the rear (slide/barrel removed). The ejector can get bent. It should line up about horizontally parallel with rounds in a mag, and the round should just touch the ejector, with the ejector angled a little inboard. You can install a loaded mag in the pistol with the slide/barrel removed to check. If the ejector is not where it should be, it can interfere with the slide. It should fit neatly into the groove in the slide, with no friction. If it interferes, it needs to be "adjusted".

08-09-2012, 08:50
On the Glock 20, 29, 21 and 30, the Ejector (frame mounted) are the same. It is shaped like an S curve and not straight at all. It is normal for an aftermarket barrel to hang up a bit when installing the slide. Just manage to do it and it will run fine. No worries.

Be well, Bob

08-09-2012, 12:36
That was my concern,thanks for the relief.

08-09-2012, 19:52
Glad it worked out.
BTW, congrats on the OD 20. That's awesome.

08-14-2012, 20:09
I tell you what I handled a gen 4 g22 and it felt better than my gen3 g22 duty weapon. The guy put a hogue slip-on grip on it and it felt perfect. I got short fingers but avg hands. The od gen3 g20 I have not shot it yet. My friend I got it from went to Ed's and bought a gen4 g20 yesterday. I checked it out today and man to me it felt perfect grip wise as the gen3 g20 is a little to long and little big for my hands. I owned a g21 years ago and lived with it ok but then sold it due to not to my accuracy taste. I am hearing these new ones are more accurate. I am know sold on the gen 4 g20/21 and gen 4 G22 due to the grip feel alone! Now I'm curious how the g30 gen 4 feels as I use to own a gen3 g30 and liked it but not the accuracy and think I probably will like the grip feel even better on the gen 4 g30's. I considered a g29 gen 4 also but think I will get g30 but the g29 is not completely out though. Looks like a gen4 g30 next after a gen4 G20/21. Its sad they don't make the ge4 in OD!
However I am up in the air to sell the OD gen3 g20 or keep it. If I keep it then it will be taking me longer on reloading components that I plan on buying also. I don't want to alter the grip either as I think if there is any value later it would hurt it. I may get a gen4 g21 and buy a 10mm SL 6" or KKM 6" barrel for it and keep the OD gen3 g20. I think the od color maybe why I would keep it though.
I could by either gen4 G21 or gen4 G20 really either way and buy the other caliber parts to swap out. Mainly I would want the G21 stock setup anyway with a extra barrel in 10mm. The G20 I would want it mainly use for hunting with 6" barrel, but possible stocked setup also if I wanted to carry the round. My preference for carry so far is 45 caliber. That could change has I have not gotten die hard to 10mm yet. I do plan on reloading it for the gun which ever I choose. I don't want issues though with the g21 with 10mm barrel setup if there is a possibility of any. I have heard of 1 or 2 issues. Decisions!!!! Your thoughts?