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Rick O'Shay
08-09-2012, 12:20
I am in need of some advice:

I bought a very neglected Winchester Model 75 Target rifle, and one of the issues was that the safety lever was broken across the hole where it pivots on the trigger installation pin. I bought a new lever (switch) and in order to install it I had to remove the pin from the trigger. Once the trigger was removed and then the switch was in place, I have not (after nearly 2 hrs!) been able to align the thing again.

I realize this is a 1938 rifle, but hoping some of you hobbyists might give me a pointer on how to get all the springs engaged, pieces aligned, and then get that @#$% pin back into place.

Anyone? I'm open. :crying:

08-09-2012, 14:34
Try They have a Winchester section with some knowledgable folks. Good luck.

Rick O'Shay
08-09-2012, 15:04
Thanks. I'll try them. I figured out the logic of the assembly, and have it together. But if I tighten the main bolt, that attaches the stock to the action, the bolt will not cock when closing. If I loosen that bolt two turns, the action works just fine.
All else seems just right. It was a b@gger but I managed to win the arm-wrestling contest.
Not to finess the rifle reassembly.
I appreciate the website.