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08-13-2012, 22:06
I'm looking for the best magazine tube extension kit for a Winchester 1300 Ranger. Since it is a non-Defender model it has a cap of 5 rounds. I'd like to add more to that 7-8 total. Why didn't I just get the Defender you ask? I got a great deal on a Ranger 1300 with a 22" deer slug (cyl bore/open choke) barrel, and I'm a sucker for wood stocks and rifle sights. It also came with a mounted Simmons ProDiamond scope. I had to jump on this deal. I want to make this:
Look a little more like this:

I realize I have a Winchester comparing it to a Remington. Its mainly the mag extenstion setup. I like tactical, but a sucker for the older style. Anybody know of a well made reliable mag extension for the 1300? I've found a few, but with mixed reviews. Any help would be appreciated!

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08-13-2012, 22:33
Tacstar makes mine. I run a 10+1 on my 1300 and it has been perfect.. Love my Winchester.

08-14-2012, 02:44
Tacstar or Choate Machine and Tool: