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08-15-2012, 18:34
I've been considering an over and under shotgun for some time and recently looked at at Stoeger 20ga. The price seems right at $350.00 but I don't know much about a Stoeger. Anyone have experience with A Stoeger o/u? Not set on 20ga. Just looking for a inexpensive o/u shotgun to mainly use for small bird hunting and possibly some clay target shooting.

08-15-2012, 18:41
For the money, all of the Stoegers I have handled have been solid. They only have extractors, no ejectors, however. If you have a competent gunsmith in your area that known shotguns, get the chambers GENTLY polished, and it will make it MUCH easier to pull the empty hulls. I've seen one that was done so well that you could turn the shotgun on its side and shake the stock, and the empties would fall out. You could also flick both hulls out with a finger between the rims. That was with a side-by-side.

08-16-2012, 07:55
During phesant/quail season when we go to Kansas a buddy I meet up with has a Stoeger 12 ga he uses and loves it. Good quality. Does the job. I prefer my Benelli M2 but he is drops as many birds as the rest of us with our pumps and semi-auto's. Never seen or heard of him having a problem with his.