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08-16-2012, 14:43
Is this Holster legal for USPSA Production. I know it has to cover 1/2" of the ejection port but is that from the side or front ?
Thanks in advance for any help..227128

08-16-2012, 15:49
May not be manufactured or cut lower than,
and must cover the slide up to, ” below the
ejection port (belt slide “Yaqui” type holster

==> yours looks fine

08-16-2012, 15:56
Check to make sure that the offset doesn't put the pistol more than 2" out from the inner side of the belt (and if you are using a double belt like a CR Speed, from the inside edge of the INNER belt). I tried a BladeTech DOH on a Double Alpha and the gun sat too far out based on that rule, so I had to pull off the DOH attachment.

08-16-2012, 16:10
Great, I'll make sure.. Thanks for the quick reply's guys. I appreciate it..

08-16-2012, 18:15
That looks like a Blade Tech DOH.

Pretty common holster in USPSA Production.

08-17-2012, 14:40
That looks like a Blade Tech DOH.

Pretty common holster in USPSA Production.

Mine was a B/T DOH too, but didn't meet the 2 inch rule as I see it demonstrated in the USPSA rules. Looking at this pic, if his slide is 1.18in. wide, it appears that there will be over 2 inches from the inside of the belt at the top of the holster to the side of the gun when measuring from the top of the belt. of course, pics on the internet can really be deceiving. :supergrin:

BTL: to really find out, put your holster and gun on your belt and then measure it using Appendix E2 of the USPSA rule book. It has photos to show you how to measure.