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08-17-2012, 13:58
Not enough "diversity".

08-17-2012, 15:00
Lassiter and Walton were offered to bring a smaller portion of their choruses to perform, but declined.
I have a feeling I know what portion where invited and what was not. :steamed:

08-17-2012, 16:07
Here's a former member of the Walton choir's take on the subject:


08-17-2012, 16:15
Here is another comment of interest:

The ironic thing is the the ASO is almost all white. If they care so much about "diversity" then maybe they need to get rid of some of their own people and hire more minorities to play with them. After all, that would only be fair.......

The diversity claims of the Atlanta Symphony Orchestra, in the quote above, can be verified at the following url: You can click on each section, and can see the racial makeup of the entire Atlanta Symphony Orchestra.

Interesting indeed......just how political correctness (code for "liberalism") works......or not.