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08-19-2012, 00:00
I was thinking about getting a G20 Gen4 cause it comes with different size backstraps. I have small girly hands. I tried shooting a Gen3 G20 and it was just a bit too large for me. Will the smallest backstrap on the new Gen4's work me?

08-19-2012, 00:12
Only one way to know, and that is to go handle one. I have heard that the smallest size is comparable to a Gen 3 SF model.

08-19-2012, 00:27
Problem is, no stores out here in Norcal seem to have any in stock. Oh well, just have to wait I guess.

08-19-2012, 00:51
It's a Glock. A skinny Glock is fat. I have XXXL hands, and 1911's are uncomfortably small. The large frame Glocks are comfortable, to me. Like the Tater said, get one in your hands to know. Better yet, fire one. It won't be long before your local range has one for loan/rent. If you are hand-sensitive, please try before you buy. My wife has very tiny hands, but can shoot my full grip 20. She doesn't like it, but she can, and would if needed. Her pistol, a CZ-83, is a double stack .380, and she loves it. Shoots hundreds of rounds at a time. Small hands have more than an issue with just the girth of a grip, but usually, the fit of the heal. My wife can "fit" the grip of smaller pistols, but they don't shoot as comfortable. The PPK is a smaller grip, but she prefers the larger CZ, and won't shoot the PPK because it just doesn't fit. I don't have any experience with the SF model (for previously stated reasons), but wouldn't buy a "new" pistol/design before actually handling one. If you are set on the "big 10", try all the frames before throwing down some large. A 1911 frame may be better for you.

08-19-2012, 10:01
Problem is, no stores out here in Norcal seem to have any in stock. Oh well, just have to wait I guess.

As a resident of Kalifornistan you will have to get one thru the SSE process. You won't be able to just buy one without doing this because the GEN4 Glocks are not on the Safe Handgun Roster. None of them are. Never will be because the California Dept of Justice is demanding the new Glocks have a loaded chamber indicator and a magazine disconnect.

However the SSE exemption will work. Costs a little more as well.

No distributors that supply the West Coast have the GEN4 G20s or G29s yet. The east coast distributors can't sell outside their territory...

I expect October before they get to the left coast.

As a side note, the GEN4 Glock 20 is the same as a Short Frame Gen3. With no backstraps. They come that way and all the additional backstraps do is ADD to the grip size. So out of the box, you already have the smallest grip, same as the short frame.

I do have a GEN4 Glock 21; exact same frame as the Glock 20. Love the grip, the larger mag button and the texture of the frame.

Good luck

08-19-2012, 10:25
To get a feel size wise, just go to a LGS that has a Gen 3 G21SF or G20SF in stock and see how it feels. The basic Gen 4 will be the same size, although as Bob mentioned above, will have other subtle differences like texture which will make a difference feel wise.

I personally think the Gen 4 RSA may be a nice upgrade for the G20 when shooting hotter loads.

As Bob also pointed out, according to CA the Gen 4 is an unsafe gun! So you will have to either be exempt or go through a single shot exemption. Many shops in CA provide this service.

08-19-2012, 13:43
Thanks for all the input! I really hate this damn state for all the insane gun laws we have to put up with.

08-19-2012, 18:36
The California SSE process is simple, and can be done for just about any (non full auto) firearm/handgun. Problem is in many cases, is sourcing, and end cost. The SSE process adds a necessary cost increase, more so with dealers who don't do many. Several of them flat-rate the job, but only on specific models.

For example, if you want a Gen4 Glock 10mm in CA (now), you can find an FFL out of state with one in stock, have your FFL purchase it, and perform the SSE process. There aren't many G20's where they are available, so it might be a while before you can pull it off. The first step is locating one that will ship to your FFL.

Option 2:
Do the SSE with a G21 (which are available). Any shop that specializes in the SSE process should be able to do this at minimal additional expense to you. THIS DEALER ( does this for $100, plus other normal fees/taxes, and says they are in stock. After you have the G21, you can convert it to 10mm at your leisure.

Option 3:
Wait until after the civil war, or "The Big One" takes out L.A. and S.F. Either way, it's probably gonna be a long wait....

08-19-2012, 18:46
Thanks for all the input! I really hate this damn state for all the insane gun laws we have to put up with.

Yeah, a lot of insane gun laws, but not as bad as some states. As long as we can stay one step ahead of Yee and his ilk, we'll do fine. These yahoos aren't elected for their anti-gun policies, they're elected for their extreme social(ist) policies, and happen to be anti-gun, too. Fortunately, this is losing some popularity lately, so I'm hopeful we can at least get equal footing soon. Not asking for much, am I?