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Deaf Smith
08-22-2012, 17:00

I have a Rossi octogon barrel .22 pump rifle in .22 lr.

Very nice condition, excellent stock fit. Very little use.

So if I was to sell it for a fair price what should I ask?



08-22-2012, 20:34
See if Gunbroker has any for sale. That is a good judge as to what people are paying for them.

08-24-2012, 16:33
Fun gun. Very accurate. I have the round barrel version.

Also check, click on the Taurus section. There are a few folks there that would give you a good idea.

09-13-2012, 20:21
You might regret it. The Rossi's are not worth anywhere near as much as they are nice. I've bought a couple for 125-150. There is nothing made today that compares to this Winchester copy. I would think they should go for 300+, but you might have a hard time getting more than 200. Nice gun!