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08-23-2012, 16:56
Does anyone here have any first hand experience with a Shuff's Mini-G Garand rifle?

I am getting into Garands, made my first CMP Store trip about a month ago and am saving up for another. Currently, the Garand I have is being saved for a surprise gift for my dad when he retires. I am planning for what I want for myself though, and I am really intrigued by the Mini-G. The Garand is pretty heavy... I love it, but I can definitely see the appeal in a shorter, lighter better balanced carbine option.

I would have Shuff build mine in 30-06 for use with standard en-bloc clips (as I have a ton of the clips and a stash of -06 ammo already), in a Dupage walnut stock, with a SEI flash hider and SEI tritium bar front sight and maybe a new Criterion barrel (instead of cut down GI) - undecided on that.

I would like to have a general purpose rifle, informal targets, hunting, defensive capable, etc. I think a Mini-G would be the cat's behind for that. I would still eventually (or maybe even at the same time) pick up a standard M1 Garand to shoot and keep in the safe as well.

So, I'm looking for thoughts from anyone who has or has fired a Mini-G. I'm not concerned about recoil. The flash hider should HELP with the muzzle flash, which I understand will still likely be significant. I'm a little worried about the adjustable gas screw - all of the ammo I will shoot is either M2 ball, or M1-safe handloads. I don't want to have to be adjusting it all the time, or re-setting it up every time I shoot it. And I don't want it to shoot loose either. These are probably all petty concerns just because I have no experience with them.

So - please do tell about these rifles... and if you have one, please shot a picture!