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08-25-2012, 08:11
I don't know squat about reloading but I have the chance to make a trade for this equipment:
I have up for sale or trade hundreds of AA 12ga and 20ga casings. 9 powder dies, and 11lb of #4 shot and 20lb of #9 and 15lb of #2 and powder. I also have lots more shots in tubes.
The re-loaders are Mec.
1 is a mec model 761R2 Grabber set for 20ga the other is a Mec model 761R Grabber set for 12ga. and the 3rd is a Mec not sure the model but you take the shell out and move it to each spot. missing some parts. and I have a few wads to get you started for 20ga. what do you have to trade just let me know?

Is this stuff any good? I want to reload primarily .45 and 9mm. Maybe some SD 12 gauge at some point.
I'm looking at trading a like new paslode nailer for it all.

08-25-2012, 08:44
I think offerings like this are only good deals IF you have a use for every single piece of the pie. Otherwise, it's just clutter in your life.

Look for a good, used MEC 600 jr. in the gauge you want and buy your own components according to the loading manual you are following. You cannot mix and match components with shotshells like you can with cartridge rounds. You must adhere to laboratory tested combinations of primer, hull, wad, and powder.

I say stay away from this deal.

08-25-2012, 08:56
Unless you are into trap, skeet, etc. you are better off just buying your shotgun ammo.

08-25-2012, 10:04
The reloading equipment that you have quoted is equipment that will load exclusively shotgun shells. It will NOT reload 45 or 9mm ammo.

Keep looking for the right equipment. In the meantime, start your required reading so that you will be somewhat up to speed on both the equipment and the procedures required. The stickies at the top of this forum are excellent and will help you a lot.

08-25-2012, 16:04
I don't know what you would do with # 2 and # 4 shot since many areas now outlaw lead for hunting over water. #9 shot is generally only used for skeet. The 761 reloaders are ok for someone that doesn't shoot that much. I personally would look for a Mec Grabber 8567. It has better features and is worth low production shotgun shell reloading.


08-26-2012, 12:22
#2 and #4 shot could be used for turkey hunting.

The used mec 761 presses are worth about $150, the third press he describes is probably a mec 600 Jr, would be worth $75 but he says missing parts, so probably less.

Depending on what model nail gun you probably paid $250-$350 for it.

You might be able to make the trade, sell the presses and make a few bucks.

Don't know if it is worth the hassle though.

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