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08-25-2012, 14:13
I had a fellow I'd bought from and sold to before contact me earlier in the week to see if I would be interested in this. I was, but needed some time to sell a couple of others to (1) make room, (2) make cash. He said "No problem." I picked it up this morning.

Smith & Wesson 29-2, 44 Magnun from 1977, with a 6 1/2" barrel, in nickel, with target hammer, trigger, and grips, as well as presentation case, cleaning tools, and sight adjustment tool. Alas, the inner liner on the case is in pretty poor shape, and there are no papers, but I doubt I'll lose much sleep over that.



Man, it's hard to get even a decent picture of a nickel gun.

08-25-2012, 14:19
Twin to mine. and yup, the liner in those cases went bad pretty fast, and yes getting a good pic of a nickled gun, especially that big, is tough.

Good job.

08-25-2012, 14:26
If it was me, I'd have some seamstress replace the liner in the display case with crushed velvet from Elvis' bedroom. Add your initial embroidered in for that "Pimp of the Year" touch.

Beautiful revolver.

08-25-2012, 14:29
Very nice!!!

There's a local dude that has a nickel plated one which had been sitting in the gun case on consignment for years now. The price was ridiculous so I guess he doesn't want to sell it that much.

08-25-2012, 15:15
Very nice!!

Bruce M
08-25-2012, 15:30
A wonderful addition and if the next few years are similar to the past, as I presume you know the N frames will continue to increase in value.

08-25-2012, 15:35
Awesome! :thumbsup:

Congrats on yet another very fine classic revolver. :cool:

08-25-2012, 15:42
Very nice!!


08-25-2012, 16:08
Now THAT's a .44 - the perfect 6" 29. Love to have one. I'd prefer it to my 8 3/8".

08-25-2012, 16:41
Very nice Model 29! Nice nickel plated examples are a hard find around here.