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08-26-2012, 07:17
My son has been having very good experience with Prvi Partizan 8mm Mauser ammo, so recently I bought some Partizan 30-30 FSP ammo for my lever action Winchester.

We shot it yesterday. Loads fine, has a good kick, and hits essentially where my Winchester white box 30-30 ammo hits - so I am happy with it at the range.

What I am curious about is the actual FSP (Flat Soft Point) bullet that Partizan uses. Instead being slightly rounded as most 30-30 ammo is, it is basically triangular.

A quick internet search didn't turn up any reviews of the bullet performance. A bunch of positive range reviews (like mine), but nothing about how the bullet actually works when it hits.

Anyone know about that bullet? Or have any links I can check out? Thanks!

08-26-2012, 07:29
Hmm... on doing more searching, I am coming across all over the place reviews on various forums. In general, many people seem to think it is fine range ammo, but certain calibers may not be great for hunting.

Bo Heck
08-26-2012, 07:46
I have a Marlin 336 that is my hunting rifle and the best bullets I have found to perform are the Federal in the the blue box. They are laser accurate and drop the deer very well. The PP ammo isn't designed for hunting, it really is just a range type ammo and it fulfills that role nicely. I have the hornady leverevolution, but it costs twice as much as the federal without twice the performance.

08-26-2012, 09:28
We've always limited our 30-30 shot to less than 175 yards and a solid rest... We've always just used 150 or 170 grainers (I tend to prefer 170's) in the basic brands and just re-zeroed the rifle for each differing load... With a well placed shot and angle which we require of ourselves, and although we rarely ever use the levergun these days we've never lost a deer/hog back when... The larger hogs typically get a round to the base of the neck, which is a DRT shot..