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F106 Fan
08-27-2012, 15:36
I had some old Sierra 180 gr HPBT bullets that were tarnished so I decided to tumble them before loading. I probably would have tumbled the completed rounds anyway, just to remove the lube.

So, I have a little kernel of tumbling media stuck in the hollow cavity and it won't fall out and I can't blow it out with an air gun. I suppose I could try to get a small needle and impale it but that seems like a lot of work.

Does anybody worry about this kind of thing? I was planning to shoot at 300 yards Wednesday morning so I have a little time to pluck if it's really an issue.


08-27-2012, 16:02
Richard, it comes down to whether there is any money on the table when you're shooting at 300yds. If you're just plinking steel, I personally wouldn't worry about the HP being closed with media debris. I will admit I have no idea what effect it would have on the accuracy.

Another one of those lessons learned!

F106 Fan
08-27-2012, 16:19
True enough about the lesson!

I only made 26 rounds (ran out of bullets) and there's nothing riding on the outcome. I'll probably be aiming for an 8" circle using my 6x scope. This won't be a precision kind of thing.


08-27-2012, 16:28
If it makes you feel better, I have bought Hornady HPBT 30 cal bullets that came with the tumbling media already installed :supergrin:

I half-ass my rifle loading. Not in terms of safety, but in terms of precision, and I can put them inside 8" every time at 300 yards unless I shank the shot ( which I do).

08-27-2012, 17:11
Shoot it. You will be fine.

You might notice it at a 600 yard benchrest match, but not up close at big targets.

08-27-2012, 17:40
You have to watch out for this with pretty much all factory HP bullets and factory loaded ammo. That is what is kind of nice about the Precision Delta JHPs, they don't tumble them. Not a big deal but I don't like excess crap in the cavity.