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08-27-2012, 17:10
Hey folks, Mrs. Rider is coming up on another trip round the Sun and I thought that a great gift might be a handbag that is designed with concealed carry in mind. Nothing over the top as far as the finest leather or a fancy name on the side. If anyone might have any input it would be appreciated. EDC is a G19. Thanks

08-28-2012, 12:14
Here's some info from Cornered Cat on CCL purses, and some links on where to shop. And tell her Happy Birthday from us!

And before you freak out over prices, remember, you're buying a holster AND a quality handbag in the same package. (scroll all the way down the page)

And search Amazon on "concealed carry purse".

I don't have a personal favorite, but I'm searching for the bag I'll buy when my CCL comes thru.

UPDATE: I don't favor the handbag/holster solution either. Why give a purse-snatcher an expensive gun as a bonus. But I haven't found a personal solution yet, either.

09-03-2012, 08:31
Well... once or twice a year I get on here and share my opinion of conceal carry handbags, but folks tend to do what they they've already actually decided on doing anyway.

CC handbags have less to do with the style and quality of the handbag than they do with the woman carrying it. I am a tall, fairly large-boned and relatively fit woman whose purse was snatched several years ago (when I was even more-fit). If a bad guy wants your purse, he WILL get it. You will not always see trouble developing, you will not always be paying as much attention to your surroundings as you should, and no matter how physically and mentally prepared you may be, a bigger, stronger, more desperate bad guy can come along and relieve you of your purse - and injure you in the process.

I've always recommended carrying on your person. More often than not, this interferes with women's fashion - especially young women’s fashions. Pockets are usually ridiculously small and no Glock made will fit in one. Because of this, my EDC is a Kahr PM-9, which already has part of the grip sticking out of my pocket half the time. I just try to wear pullovers that mostly cover my shorts' or pants' pocket. In Florida, as you can imagine, we don't wear a lot of bulky clothing - but if your gun happens to accidently show when you are concealed-carrying, it is not a violation of law. (That's what was left over from our open-carry proposition that never fully made it...)

Good luck in your search, and try to fully consider the consequences of purse carry.

09-10-2012, 10:15
For the reasons mentioned above I often suggest a Maxpedition versapack. The cross body carry method makes it very hard to run and grab. Most purse snatchers look for an off the shoulder or hand held cluth to snatch. If they think there'll be any resistance whatsoever they'll usually pass you by. But... versapacks aren't known for being very fashionable.

09-10-2012, 10:53
For the reasons mentioned above I often suggest a Maxpedition versapack... ...But... versapacks aren't known for being very fashionable.
No kidding. I grab my black Versapack when heading out in uniform for CG patrol.