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08-28-2012, 21:37
I currently have a Franklin vibrating tumbler and only load pistol (nickel & regular). The reason I'm seriously considering the Thumbler is because I have a 22LR stainless steel suppressor that is opens easily for cleaning. The SS media will be an easy way to clean the can.

I have two questions. First I use NuFinish with corn cobb and it seems that this lubricates the brass making it easier to load. I don't use any other lube nor would want to after the brass is dry from the Thumbler. Anyone using the Thumbler that can comment? Second is the big advantage cleaning the SS baffles in the can. Anyone using it for this purpose? If so what is the safe way to dispose of the water due to the lead?


08-28-2012, 22:14
Most folks use carbide sizing dies for straight walled cases and, therefore, don't use lube.

08-28-2012, 22:19
Most folks use carbide sizing dies for straight walled cases and, therefore, don't use lube.

Thanks for reminding me. I do have carbide dies.

08-29-2012, 05:50
I know that several of us with progressive press and carbide dies still lube anyways. It smooths out the whole process and allows you to maintain a higher rate of speed.

08-29-2012, 06:59
Mix the Nu-Finish with Mineral Spirits, 50/50 in squirt bottle. The Mineral Spirits helps diluting the Nu-Finish and helps in mixing in with the corn cob media. It also helps in cleaning the carbon off of the cases.
I have been start in using Lee case lube mixed in with a bottle of 91% Alcohol or higher percentage if you can find it, In a spray bottle. Squirt a couple of sprays in the bag and add the brass and mix the brass around. Spray a little more in the bag and mix the brass again. Dump the brass out wait a couple of minutes and start loading. Makes loading even 9mm a lot easier. On you and on the press. And you donít need to clean the lube off.

08-29-2012, 10:14
unclebob: I do use what you are advising. I was wondering if I'll notice much difference if I switch to the Thumbler. The option to clean the suppressor is what is driving the decision.

08-29-2012, 11:37
About 35 years ago I bought the Thumlerís Tumbler model B. At that time I was using walnut impregnated with jewelers rouge. It did an okay job of cleaning brass. I then sold it and bought the UV-18 vibratory tumbler. I liked it a lot better for cleaning brass. It is still going strong along with my Midway cheap vibrating tumbler. For what you what to do I think the rotary tumbler would work out for you. Not a clue but would an Ultra sound work. I have only shot suppressors never had to clean one.

08-29-2012, 14:40
Lube is good. Especially if you use a non-sticky lube that doesn't need to be removed. Like Lee Lube mixed with 99% alcohol or Hornady One Shot.

F106 Fan
08-29-2012, 15:37
If so what is the safe way to dispose of the water due to the lead?

I hadn't been thinking about this problem very much until I got my blood lead levels tested a couple of weeks ago.

AFAIK, either corn cob or liquid media will be contaminated with lead or lead styphnate. I would be willing to bet that we're supposed to turn it in at the Hazardous Material Recycling Center. For the water, I would let it evaporate and just turn in the sludge. For the corn cob (or walnut shell, in my case) media, I think I will bag it up and let the Recycling Center deal with it.

Around here there is no charge for dropping stuff off so I dispose of all kinds of solvents and paints on my yearly run. No big deal to add the media.

What about those cleaning patches?