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09-13-2012, 16:07
Just me my first time out at the range with the PMR-30. Not good quality taken from an old iPhone with my wife filming. Still entertaining at least to me. Thought I would share. It's an awesome pistol IMO.
Kel-tec PMR-30 - YouTube

09-13-2012, 18:44
Very cool :cool:

They sure hold a lot of rounds.

09-13-2012, 18:51
I was hoping to see a rapid fire session. Every high capacity weapon should have a rapid fire session in my opinion.:cool:

09-13-2012, 23:12
I would have shown some rapid fore but I dumped my first mag and was told by the range officer to stop. He liked what he saw but others were complaining about the noise lol. I should have filmed the first mag.

11-04-2012, 20:23
"complaining about the noise"

at a gun range


SJ 40
11-06-2012, 14:36
Absolutely love mine,best out of the box trigger I have felt in years,a most impressive pistol. SJ 40

11-09-2012, 09:30
What kind of accuracy are you guys getting at 25 yards?


11-09-2012, 10:54
What kind of accuracy are you guys getting at 25 yards?


Very good. Better than I can shoot anyway. Off a sand bag or rest with the hornady 30gr vmax I get about 1 and half inch groups at about 25 yards.

11-09-2012, 21:22
Hickok45 has a vid on this gun.

11-10-2012, 00:10
Very nice. I got mine in June of 2012. Can't wait for the .22 LR conversion kit to come out. Hoping that the RMR comes out soon as well.

11-12-2012, 12:26
I have been on three different waiting lists since 2010!!!!

STILL waiting!!! One place they says he gets allot says I am next in line.... I'll believe that when I have it in my hands!! I have bricks of ammo four extra mags and a laser waiting for it!!!

That's GREAT TO HEAR!! A friend has one and he gets about 6-8" accuracy at 25 yards! I have shot a couple PMRs but never at any distance and not enough to see accuracy. I know I could hit what I needed to, but who dosent like a accurate gun! LOl