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View Full Version : Can anyone ID the bullet used on these 9MM rounds?

09-15-2012, 18:22
They are BlackHills brand 124 Gr +P 9MM rounds I purchased a few years back --

I can't recall which bullet they used -

I did a little research and it seems like they were using Gold Dots but had changed to something else - pretty sure these are not Gold Dots.

One post I read said they used Sierra HP bullets - another said Hornady XTP.

Any one know which bullets these are?


09-15-2012, 18:28
They look like Hornady XTPs to me. The XTP is a good bullet and Black Hills is known for producing quality ammo. Black Hills still makes that round with the 124gr XTP bullet and uses the XTP in many other calibers.

09-15-2012, 18:32
I rarely shoot 9mm, so take this with a pound of salt. The hollow point cavities and jacket petal cuts on those bullets look very similar to 357 sig XTPs I have at home.

I am taking a shot in the dark, I very easily could be wrong. I am not even familiar with BH products.

Jim Watson
09-15-2012, 18:46
Gold Dots have a rounded ogive, Sierras are a blunter truncated cone.
I agree these are likely Hornady XTP.

09-15-2012, 19:12
Hornady XTP.

09-15-2012, 19:41
Looks like Hornady XTPs for sure. I have handloaded many of these.

09-15-2012, 20:57
Thanks for the replies - I was hoping they were Hornady XTP -


09-15-2012, 21:25
Definitely hornady. I use em.

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09-15-2012, 21:28